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How We Hire ?

Rebsec Solutions is probing for a talented professional to join our company. Rebsec is packed with well turned-out populace, each one of whom are dynamically concerned in serving industries throughout the planet do something superior, more efficiently and as well as prolifically. Our highly skilled team with an artistic atmosphere and a lot of fun makes Rebsec Solutions a great place to work at. Rebsec Solutions is a company that offers its employees a complete Global IT Career.We are searching for people who are excellent for Rebsec—and not just for right now, but for the extended term. We are looking for well turned-out, team-oriented populace who can acquire possessions done .

Our course of action is pretty fundamental; the trail to getting hired usually involves a first discussion with a recruiter, a phone and an on site interview are conducted at one of our offices. But there are a few things we have parched in along the way that make getting hired at Rebsec Solutions a miniature poles apart.

How We Interview ?

When you interrogate at Rebsec Solutions, you will likely interview with two or three professionals. They are looking for four things:


Rebsec Solution is yearning for how you are flexible enough in different potency and in different situations in order to build up a team organization. Our corporate society is open and comprehensive; irrespective of your knowledge, you will be immediately welcomed into the team, and would always have a noteworthy role to play.

Role-Related Knowledge

What actually builds up Rebsec Solutions spaced out from others is the encouragement,strength and development provided to you at every step .We are probing for people who have a multiplicity of intellect and passions. Like for engineering candidates in particular, we will be looking to ensure out your coding skills and technical areas of proficiency.

How You Think

Rebsec Solution is not concerned about your marks,we are much immersed in how you reflect your personality or how capable you are or serious and passionate you are about your work.Our fundamental is to put you some questions related your field or role that reflects how much you are capable enough to solve your tribulations.


Rebsec Solutions want to acquire the uniqueness among the candidate who will be selected among technical and general nuts and bolts. The candidates should hold unqiue quality so that they can differ from others also should be of multiple personality.

Decision Taking Criteria

Rebsec Solutions wants to stately clear that we are always hiring the precise candidate for the right role and for our organization.You should be able to justify your decisions . Our mentor programs promote supportive dealings that help build up skills, behavior, and insights to enable you to attain your goals. You are to work on multiple projects with poles apart group of professionals as well as time zones. The above criteria will help rebsec observe how you might work in team and will fit best in overall Rebsec Solutions.

At Rebsec, you job on tons of projects with poles apart groups of professionals, across many teams and time zones. To give you intellect of what functioning here is in reality like, some of your interviewers could be budding teammates, but some interviewers will be with supplementary teams. This helps us see how you might work in partnership and fit in at Rebsec Solutions overall.

Here is the listing of all vacancies:

2. The person should possess good communication skills, personality, sharp IQ.
3. Ability to complete a technical task without a great deal of guidance.
Qualification : Done Diploma / Graduation in Computer field.
Experience : (0-1) year

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